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Nova can help you with a wide range of pre-employment Information through our Advice and Guidance (IAG) services. We provide aspirational advice combined with detailed local knowledge in order to help you best capitalise on available opportunities. We can lend a hand, whether it’s taking the next steps in your career, returning to work or planning a change in career direction.
Our advisors can help you to prepare, look for and find work, building skills and confidence along the way. We give support in finding courses, volunteering opportunities and work placements and tailor our services to meet your individual needs, fully embedding equality and diversity considerations, as part of the Nova family.

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Employment Support

Support when life is challenging

We know life can be full of unexpected challenges. At Nova we make sure you don’t have to face difficult times alone. We listen to your concerns and problems and support you in developing solutions. Of course, we are not experts at everything but if we do not know the answer ourselves, we will assist you in accessing the right service and refer you to one of our partners.

We ensure everyone gets the support they need and want. Nova is there so no one is left behind.

All our Advice and Guidance services are free of charge. Call us or register here.

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" They are a really good service for accessing a holistic response, they set a standard for others to follow with employment support. "

— Partner quote, 2020

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What we offer

  • 1-1 support and advocacy from a dedicated adviser
  • Individual action plans agreed with an adviser
  • Workshops on CVs, covering letters and application forms
  • Support with internet based job searches and registering with and making contact with agencies
  • Help improving IT skills, utilising social media to improve your visibility to employers
  • Regularly updated current vacancies
  • Interview technique practice and assessment centre preparation
  • Links to local employers
  • Referral to other organisations where appropriate
  • Advice around benefits, and local support available

What People say

“They have time for you – I thank them for being so patient”

– Participant quote, 2020

“They stopped me going over the edge when I was at my lowest”

– Participant quote, 2020

“I could not imagine not being able to go there [Nova]”

– Participant quote, 2020

"Outcomes achieved can be clearly linked to the contribution made by effective IAG and empathetic support...There is a quickness to adapt especially important this year with coronavirus."

— Matrix Assessment, 2020

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All we ask in return…

  • Be on time for all appointments and call if you are unable to keep an appointment
  • Play an active role in achieving the goals set out and agreed between you and your adviser on your action plan
  • Let us know if you find work or start a training course
  • Be responsible for your own data storage
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Our services can be accessed via face to face, online and over the telephone and our advisors are available Monday- Friday 9.30am -5.30pm.

Office address
2 Thorpe Close
London W10 5XL

Tel: 0208 960 2488
Email: reception@novanew.org.uk

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