How to fund our work

Join our Visionary Scheme and be a Nova Visionary Donor

At Nova, we live inclusion, and our approach to funding is no exception. That is why we have created a new funding scheme that invites you/ donors to get involved with our community work at a personal level. Read more about what it’s like to be a Visionary from one of our founding members, Virginia Dooley.

Visionary Scheme

Our vision is to connect with people who not only provide financial support to our charity but truly engage with the work we do and the people we do it for. Ultimately, we believe everyone across the entire social spectrum benefits from sharing lived experiences. So, come, be a Nova Visionary and let’s improve our communities’ quality of life.

Nova Visionary in circle

The deprivation and inequality in Kensington is so extreme that new thinking and action is needed to maintain the vibrancy of our neighbourhood and create social justice. Our Visionary scheme is dedicated to bringing people together to rise above division. For instance, Visionaries may create new hope for people with work opportunities, apprenticeships, respite opportunities, travel and other enriching experiences. Our hope is that your own professional and personal networks will also be drivers of the growth and sustainability of Nova’s positive work. If you share our ethos, we invite you to advocate for us and further expand the possibilities of social change.

How it Works

Visionaries pledge to donate a minimum of £5,000 (no upper limit) annually to grow our responsive services for the local community, for up to five years (minimum one year). We create a series of events where Visionaries get to connect with those who your generosity is helping, facilitating increased social understanding and genuine community cohesion. Our joint aim is a structured, regular source of finance that will help us maintain our essential services and create new imaginative programmes on our mission towards social change. If you’re interested in participating in our journey, please contact Mike Volpe (mike.volpe@novanew.org.uk).

Founding Visionaries

Gianna and David Reis, Ray and Diana Eyre, Brad Hyler and Virginia Dooley, Sarah Chambre, Mark Vogel and William Denebeim.

“What sets Nova apart in my mind… is that it is unashamedly positive in its outlook. The tag line ‘Welcome to a better world’ is so heart-warming and ambitious. I find it reassuring that the charity is being so bold and knowing the staff there, I believe they can do it — certainly for our local community.”
Virginia Dooley