Creating a safe space for dialogue and sparking change  

Our experiences working with disadvantaged groups and of being a diverse organisation have given us great insight into the social change that is needed to give real possibilities to marginalised groups and to acknowledge and address the issues that result from inequality, lack of opportunity and discrimination.  

Our Reach programme, which underpins our work in the ED&I space was catalysed by the Grenfell community and the need to give our community a voice and to communicate their agenda and imperatives more widely. We work to bring together members of our community with organisations/ individuals in positions of power to influence change. 


Let’s Talk About Race   

In light of the death of George Floyd & the large-scale global protests of the global Black Lives Matter movement has sparked a real desire in people and organisations to accomplish real change, to be a part of the solution and move towards being actively anti-Racist

Our impact 


individuals have joined our conversations


report that they are better equipped and motivated to take action


actions have been committed to through our toolkit

The School of Humanity 

A fun and engaging live experience where unexpected people come together to shift perspectives, shatter stereotypes and explore their common humanity.

Desert Island Discs

Tap into this unique experiential learning session which seeks to connect all our life stories through music.

Action Learning Sets

A session to bring us all onto a level playing field. We all face similar challenges in life, let’s come up with solutions to them together. Work, relationships and aspirations, this unique session enables us to connect beyond the superficial.

Really striking to see how well people can get to know each other within a very short time frame! Very useful suggestions were exchanged, in a “safe” and also fun process. Also a great way to explore the many things that we all have in common, and hear you speak about things that bind us together. Leaders Quest 


Get in touch if you’d like to know more: tieu.pham@novanew.org.uk

Why work with Nova

The Nova approach works for individuals and teams and is tailored to different organisational solutions.

Hear real life stories and connect with those with lived experience.

Profits are re-invested in supporting those from marginalised backgrounds.

Organisational expertise in working with those from marginalised backgrounds delivering education and mentoring.

A track record of developing meaningful partnerships.