Our Family Programme works all year round to offer a full programme of activities taking place throughout the year for you and your children to enjoy. We work with parents and carers, along with children – from infants to young adults – and our aims are to bring families together to support education and employability, and promote health and wellbeing, for everyone in our community.

Including children’s clubs and workshops, after-school classes, trips to museums, theatres and seasonal holiday adventures to the beach and beyond – it’s fun for all the family! Our activities provide a space for connection, learning and wellbeing. We work with some of the top organisations in the UK enabling you to access incredible opportunities with the likes of Natural History Museum, Imperial College London and more…

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We established the programme in direct response to the Grenfell Tower fire in June 2017. The Tower is close to our office and hundreds of our service users have been profoundly impacted by the disaster. In Summer 2017 we supported an initial intake of 250 individuals and have since developed the programme to meet community need as local communities have been severely affected by the pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis. Participation in the Family Programme has grown exponentially, with over 1000 people now joining our activities annually. 

The Family Programme engages those most vulnerable to exclusion; tackling educational and social inequality amongst children and young people to empower whole communities to raise their aspirations in life and work. Through meaningful activities, we nurture confidence and agency and aim to break generational cycles of marginalisation and poverty. 


Nova Family Programme


Learning Online Nova Children

Free online after-school classes

Free online after-school classes in English, Maths and Science for years 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 (ages 7–14). These classes bolster curriculum learning, supporting families who cannot afford additional tuition or are ill-equipped for home learning. Qualified teachers deliver all our classes. 

Nova won the 2024 Young K&C Award for Best Work Supporting Training and Education.


Term-time and weekend enrichment activities

Term-time enrichment activities focusing on education and employability for children and young people. These activities directly support curriculum outcomes and promote personal development, leadership and soft skills for life and work: Weekend and after-school trips and cultural visits include sessional projects and clubs (on six-week rotations) and one-off activities. Examples include coding classes, art workshops, and regular clubs including Young Photographers at the Natural History Museum; Young Creators at the Science Museum and Urban Naturewatch with the Royal College of Art. Through these activities, children from the most underserved communities access outstanding opportunities with world-class institutions.


family-programme Nova trip to seaside

Holiday activities

Holiday and weekend activities focusing on health and wellbeing that the whole family can enjoy together. These include day trips and visits; a wide range of one-off social activities, workshops and events with a focus on fun, confidence and bringing communities together. Examples include horse riding; ice skating; trips to the seaside, London Zoo and farms; baking; making Ramadan decorations; horse riding; and visits to all the major London museums and theatres across the capital.

North Kensington Youth Project

Our North Kensington Youth Project is for 9–18-year-olds living near Grenfell Tower and focuses on communication, leadership, and resilience. It comprises regular, rather than one-off, after-school, weekend and holiday activities and has a careers focus. Recent projects include a gardening club; climbing club; drama workshops with West End Creative; creating a guidebook with the Science Museum that is used by young people visiting the museum’s new Technician’s Gallery and gliding lessons at Cambridge Gliding Centre.

Living Career Library

Young people discover and develop the life and career skills that are generally unavailable at schools in an innovative setup in which they can ‘borrow’ inspirational individuals as they might borrow a library book. Through conversations with successful people from diverse backgrounds, they learn first-hand about workplaces, accessing various industries and how to embrace challenges. This unique experience raises aspirations, nurtures new interests and challenges negative preconceptions. 


Our Family Programme showcases best practices in partnership work. We partner with world-class institutions, facilitating experiences with experts to generate huge amounts of enthusiasm, opening doors to opportunity and providing practical application alongside tailored academic support. 

In 2023 we concluded a two-year urban nature photography project with the Natural History Museum, which resulted in our young people’s work being exhibited in the Museum, and we were awarded the 2022 President’s Award for Excellence in Societal Engagement by Imperial College London. Other long-term partners include the Science Museum and Chelsea F.C. Foundation. 


STEAM education Nova


We align our activities with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) learning outcomes and the practical application of science while focusing on teamwork; the development of soft skills; increasing engagement and motivation and personalising the learning experience. These skills equip young people for the constantly evolving social and professional environments of the future. 

Women and those from ethnic minority and socially disadvantaged groups are consistently underrepresented in STEAM careers. We are committed to tackling this inequality by developing accessible opportunities to unlock the significant benefits of STEAM education. 


“Nova is amazing! They are accessible, kind, helpful, enthusiastic, engaging and very serious about the support, education, activities and opportunities that they provide for their families. In all the years that I have been with Nova, I have not felt the need to jump ship and find another organisation. They have been phenomenal for us in terms of how they have impacted our lives and they have been an absolute joy as individuals!
We love Nova! And we love the team! They always make my son feel special.

– Parent, 2024

“I’d like to thank the Nova team for all that they do for us. All of the trips and lessons that they organise to help children enjoy their holidays and the whole family to learn and develop. Thank you for all your hard work.”

– Parent, 2024

“Thank you Nova for everything you do to support young people and families across London.”

– Parent, 2024


How to join the Family Programme 

For more information or to join Nova’s Family Programme activities, please register via this link, making sure you tick Family Programme among the services on offer.

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