27th May 2024 - 31st May 2024

Nova Family ProgrammeMay Half Term Booking

All our FAMILY PROGRAMME events are published on the website, so please click on the button below to read more about each of them before you apply for places.



Places are NOT allocated on a first-come, first-served basis – you have until Monday midday to make your selection. You can express an interest in as many activities as you like. Once booking is closed we will look at all your selections together and we’ll do our best to allocate places as fairly as possible.


Our aim is for everyone to have the opportunity to join us on a trip, activity or visit during the holidays. However, as we are currently experiencing extremely high demand for holiday activities, we will first prioritise those families who may be most in need of our support.

This will include: single parent families, those in receipt of benefits and free school meals, those with additional support needs in the household, refugees and asylum seekers and families directly affected by Grenfell.

This may mean that not everyone will be able to receive their first choices and – for this reason – we would strongly encourage you to apply for *as many activities as you would like to take part in.*

The number of activities you apply for will NOT affect your allocation.

Thank you for your understanding and we assure you that we will be working hard to ensure that all of our families have at least one activity to join during the holidays.


Remember that we will only be able to reply in office hours during the holidays - we understand that plans may change but please be aware that late cancellations may prevent another family from taking up a place on the trip. Please give us as much notice as possible.

Please note, failure to attend without notifying us will result in a family being issued a strike. We understand that circumstances may arise when notification is not possible, but if 3 strikes are collected, the family may have to miss out on attending the following school holiday.


Please bring your Oyster/ Zip Oyster cards for all bus journeys.
Nova will provide Oyster cards and pay for all tube journeys.


Please read all requirements carefully for each activity before you book – especially the age requirements, time and date.

Please ensure all your family members going on trips with us are registered with Nova.



Please click on the button below and follow the instructions carefully, typing a number in the text box next to ONLY those activities you want to take part in, ranked by order of preference. The button will be enabled from 5PM on Thursday 7th December. In the meantime, please click on the WHAT'S ON button above to find out what's on offer.



Please watch this helpful video below.