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We have a full programme of activities taking place throughout the year for you and your children to enjoy. From trips to museums and theatres through to Safari parks and the beach – it’s fun for all the family! Our activities provide a space for connection, learning and well-being. We work with some of the top organisations in the UK enabling you to access incredible opportunities with the likes of Chelsea FC, Natural History Museum, Imperial College London and more…
Our programme continues to adapt in the context of Covid, with the majority of our activities currently delivered online via Zoom. See all our upcoming family activities here.

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what people say:

“I’ve been recommending Nova to everyone! Nova has been a lifesaver” 

– Latifah, 2020

“Thank you for providing a safe place for my family that has helped us come through the lockdown”

– Asha, 2020

“My family has been helped in many ways. We are truly grateful to Nova team”

– Rahma, 2020


STEAM education

As the world changes, skills and knowledge developed through STEAM topics are increasingly important to keep up with our incredibly globalised, tech focussed economy. Creativity, innovation and critical thinking are paramount.

That’s why we have committed to providing a programme of activity focussed on STEAM.

Whether your child is a budding Artist, Coder or Scientist we can support them with our range of activities spanning coding classes with Mama Codes and art workshops with the Royal College of Arts – you can even meet a Scientist in our weekly sessions with Imperial College London!

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STEAM education Nova


A range of courses delivered online for your children – including English and Maths, established to prevent them falling behind throughout the pandemic, and coding courses so they can keep up in our ever evolving technological world. 

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(9-14 years of age)

Leadership and development project designed to improve communication, leadership and resilience skills of young people affected by the Grenfell fire. Activities include gardening club, career workshops and residentials to boost soft skills.

Learning Online Nova Children

what people say:

“Before, me and my siblings had to share one Chromebook. Now, thanks to Nova (and Rapsberry Pi) I have my own computer, I am enjoying classes much more and it’s really helped my learning”

9 year old Samar, Feb 2021

“Thank you very much for Yusuf’s report. His progress is wonderful!”

– Farhad, 2020

“I feel like I’m learning new things every day and it helps a lot for my education and for me to learn as well”

– Fatima, 2020

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