Nova New Opportunities Team Our People Emma Butt Adviser

Emma Butt

IAG Advisor: Born in Southeast London

Born and bred in Southeast London, my family spans from various parts of Western Asia to the foothills of Charlton, south London. I have always had a passion for working with people, young and old, and have found yet another wonderful family and community at Nova.

Fiona Hutmacher Adviser Alex Coackley Adviser

Alex Coackley

Adviser: Born in Rwanda

Born in Rwanda to English and Welsh Parents, spent time as a child in Yemen, Benin, Senegal, Indonesia and Wales. Now settled in London raising two daughters in the East End.

Aimee Ling

Aimee Ling

Head of Community and Communications: Born in Hertfordshire

Raised by two parents of mixed black and white heritage, both of whom were adopted into white families. My biological family spans the local Harrow Road area through to the USA and Ukraine. With a passion for connecting and understanding different cultures I've been fortunate to work and volunteer extensively overseas across Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Tieu Pham Maths Tutor

Tieu Pham

Maths Tutor: Born in Saigon

Born in Saigon weeks after its fall. Escaped in a leaky boat and spent time in a Philippine refugee camp. Accepted to the coldest place on Earth (Harrogate in winter) in the late 70s. Had a grand tour of various (council) estates of England before living out my teens in London’s East End. In the 90s met my partner, in the more elegant environs of Bath.

Nova New Opportunities People

Fiona Hutmacher

IAG Advisor: Born in Switzerland

Born 1991 in the heart of the Swiss mountains. Brought up on the family farm in a small, traditional farming village with a modern, forward-thinking and convention-breaking superhero mum (& a dad who taught me to climb). Knew the word for car in Somali, Swiss, French and English at the age of 4 (Sadly “babur” is the only Somali word I have in my vocabulary today). Studied Law and human rights at a bilingual (German-French) university. Have worked/studied in Greece, la Reunion, France, Morocco, Cuba, Switzerland and of course the UK. Currently continuing my Spanish learning with an amazing Ecuadorian tutor. Proud to identify as a migrant.

Ayla Kolakovich

Finance and Office Manager: Born in the former Yugoslavia

Growing up in Yugoslavia (now Bosnia & Herzegovina) I always felt my spiritual home was in England. In 1992 my body followed my soul and my dream came true, I came to live first in Berkshire and then in London. My Bosnian heritage is my anchor, my building blocks, however it is my Britishness that makes me who I am.

Michael Volpe Development Nova New Opportunities Team Our People

Mike Volpe

Development Consultant: Born in Fulham

Born in 1965 to Italian immigrant parents - one of whom (guess which one!) made a run for the hills when I was a baby. Progressed from a slum in Shepherds Bush to a flat in Fulham Court and ended up at an experimental boarding school in Suffolk. Two children with mixed Italian Scottish genes, and one with Italian/Kiwi/Tongan genes

Lizzie Cho CEO Nova

Lizzie Cho

Director: Born in London

Born in London, 1972, to Jamaican dad and White British mum. Raised in South Wales. Lived in seven countries, married a Korean. Two sons of that mixed heritage with gay Italian godfathers. My own grandfather was born on Grenfell Road in North Kensington in 1910 - I've come full circle. Brought up in a single parent family, on an estate and proud of what I got from that :)'